Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surveys and E-mails

Along the same lines as my post from yesterday, I just wanted to share some other ways I've been 'working' from home lately. I feel very blessed to be able to help my family financially from home. My dh and I are working on paying off credit cards (our only debt besides the house) and this is really the only feasible way I can do it. It's really not feasible for me to work outside the home--my kids need me during the day, and in this small town, there's no gainful employment to be had in the evenings.

So, first of all--Swagbucks! If you're not signed up there already, why not?!? LOL If you ever use Google or to do searches, this is the SAME THING! You simply go to and do your search from there. Or, to make your life even easier, install their toolbar and search with it, wherever you are on the web. You randomly win 'swagbucks' when you do searches--not every time, but I average a swagbuck in my first 3 searches of the day, then maybe another one or two later on in the day. I easily average 2 swagbucks a day, and they often put out codes for extra ones through the toolbar, blog, twitter/facebook, etc.

As your bucks accumulate, you can spend them in their swag store on fun merchandise or gift cards! I personally have gotten a $5 gift card from for every 45 bucks I've earned. I've gotten 4 so far, and will probably have another one by the end of the month. It took me a while to realize that I could use their search a LOT more than I used to, and earn a LOT more than I used to. Now, when I want to go to a website, I just type the main title or name into the search box to try for a swag buck. When I want to go to Amazon, I just type 'amazon' in the box and let it search, then click on the link. Just takes an extra second, and my earnings have increased.

Also, they have programs where you can trade in old cell phones or video game for swagbucks, or shop online through their links to earn swagbucks according to how much you spend at those sites. Lots of ways to earn and get FREE STUFF! Be sure to use my e-mail ( scrapcat79 at yahoo dot com) as your referral, then tell all your friends so you can get more swagbucks, too!

As far as surveys go, I've signed up for several sites so far. I haven't qualified for many surveys yet, but I keep trying, LOL. Here are a few of the sites I'm using in case you want to check them out:

Inbox Dollars -- earn points just for reading e-mails and they have occasional surveys as well.

Reward Port -- same deal, but they send a lot more e-mails so more points are accumulating.

ZoomPanel --surveys only.

The first two are the main ones that I really seem to be racking up the points with. Now, no one is going to get rich doing this stuff, but if you have easy access to the internet at home, and you can spend a little time doing something productive every day, it adds up. My time for surveys has been limited, but it's very quick and easy to look through e-mails and click on links to earn points.

Just a tip, in case you haven't read through Money Saving Methods yet. Set up a separate e-mail account for these things so you don't clutter up your personal inbox. In fact, Carrie recommends setting up separate accounts for surveys, paid e-mails, offers, and other stuff that she does, so you don't get distracted by surveys when you're supposed to be completing free offers, etc.

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