Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In my mailbox.....

The other day, I opened my mailbox to find several samples awaiting me, as well as several envelopes. I love getting freebies in my mail! It's so fun getting packages without having to pay for them, lol.

I got some *ahem* feminine products, a sample of an omega-3 supplement (which got squished by the USPS and unusable, but it smelled good--really!), a children's book about asthma, and a $25 Target giftcard! Yes, that's right--free! Woo-hoo!

I've been reading the blog, Money Saving Methods lately, and wow--is she chock-full of information! She has saving and making money for her family (from home) down to a science, and she has a passion for teaching others how to do the same. I've been so blessed by her information already, and I look forward to slowly implementing more of her methods as I am able.

I received the giftcard by signing up for one of those 'free trials' of a certain buying/shopping service. They offered it as a free gift just for signing up and giving the service a try. Carrie at MSM teaches you to be very organized in trying these free offers. Use a planner to write down the date when the free trial ends so you can cancel before being billed (if you decide it's not for you). Write down the phone number right there as well, so it's handy. Make sure you read all the fine print when you first sign up so you can be sure to meet all the requirements, and keep records of everything you do.

This particular offer was very easy. It's the only one I had going at the time (wanted to 'get my feet wet' first), so I could keep better track of things. I simply filled out the online form and waited for the 'welcome kit' to arrive. Then, I had to fill out a simple reply card and send it in promptly (before the free trial ended), to receive my gift card. Most of these offers require that you be an 'active member' before sending your incentive. Therefore, you can't just sign up, then cancel immediately and expect to receive anything. That's where your planner comes in to remind you of what you need to do and when.

I was so excited to actually get the gift card in my hands! Now I feel more confident about signing up for other offers as well. I still plan to go slowly with this (I'm not very organized! But I'm trying!), but every little bit helps.

Go check out Money Saving Methods--you'll be surprised at how many ways there are for you to financially help you family from home!

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