Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dishwasher Drama

Our dishwasher is dead.

It's a long story, but to sum up: we ended up with a lemon, and a poorly designed one at that. Due to some, um, unsympathetic 'service' people at the place we purchased from, we never could get service (Tracey can relate, I know). So we're looking for a new one. We're not taking this mission lightly, no sir-ee. I've been online investigating for a couple days, and we scoured 4 different appliance centers just today. No one has my perfect machine in stock, so kind and patient salespeople have been looking things up on their computer systems for me all day. I think we've got it narrowed down to two different models/brands. Each has been recommended to me by a friend or relative, but I've also read some negative reviews regarding each one. One has a better service record, the other is a much more reasonable price. The pricier one is from a store with a better reputation for service and repairs, though, so that's the way I'm leaning. They've also got a satisfaction guarantee, which means a lot to me after the last experience. Off to do some more investigating before we make a commitment--pray for us! :)

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