Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are you Swagging?

You may have heard about the awesome internet search tool that rewards you with prizes, gift cards or even cash....but just in case you haven't--go check out Swagbucks right now! It's so easy to use and I've just about earned my third gift card (I get the $5 Amazon cards--they're only 45 swagbucks). I don't even really search that much, but they also offer extra bonus 'codes' that you can enter on their site for an extra buck here and there.

The basics: use the swagbucks.com website to do your searches--it uses google and ask.com to find your info, so you know you're getting quality results. You are randomly awarded swagbucks when you search. I installed their toolbar to make it super easy to search any time I need to--I don't have to go to their site first.

I'm sure you've also noticed the widget of in my right sidebar. This is easy to install on your blog or facebook, and helps you get referrals (which you also earn bucks for) and makes it easy to check the blog for swag codes.

I just really appreciate getting awarded for doing something I'm going to do anyway! How cool is that? So play with the widget over there on the right, and if you're interested, just click on the 'sign up' button in the bottom right. It will take you to a page with a little more info and get you all set up. Happy Swagging!


  1. You are welcome...I thought you young moms would just love this!! Have a great day!!


  2. OH WOW!! Thank you so much for holding my button on your blog!! I feel so honored.. Thanks. Do you have a few friends that need to save money? If so, please let them know about the blog, so we can bless them too. I know you are already doing that by your blog as well, thank you. Young families today have it so hard with the prices of food..anything to help...Deb